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Client of Al Sofi Group

Handicapped or Elderly Personal Caretaker Technician (MALE OR FEMALE)

Minimum 3 - 10 Years
Job Code : AST1858201
Saudi Arabia

1- Provide the care for the cases (elderly) and provide the personal services (cleaning – clothes change and so) 2- Ensure the resident takes the medications on time and inform the supervisor regarding any remarks 3- Serve the resident with the food and teach them how to do so in the right way 4- Train the resident the self service 5- Observe the resident while sleeping and inform the supervisor regarding any issue they face 6- Train the resident on how to take a shower 7- Check the water temperature before provide the shower to the resident 8- Separate the clothes of the residents with skin disease from others and inform the responsible people 9- Make sure the residents are tidy 10- Changed the clothes for the residents and train them on how to do so 11- Train the resident on how to

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